Brand Activation as a Barter

Offers to the Businesses

Talk2users Consultancy Offers to clients Brand Activation, Experiential Marketing, Below The Line Promotions as a Barter against their Products.

When you think of Promotions, you get stuck because of the high costs. On the other hand, you have excess capacities to produce the products as markets are not consuming all of it.

We at “Talk to Users” bring a unique time bound offering as a Promotion.

We offer Brand Activation as a media on Barter.

You give us your products on MRP, We give you media on MRP

Or, You pay for the agreed rates and we go and liquidate your products for you

Or, We arrive at a unique deal for you

Interested. Write to us on and see A deal is waiting for your company.

To fix up an appointment, please fill in the information herein.

Marketing Talks, Advertising Talks, Branding Talks, Artificial Intelligence Talks, Virtual Reality Talks, Small Town Talks, Brand Activation Talks, Events Talks, Roadshows Talks, Research Talks, Social Cause Talks, Social Media Talks, we do all of them with elan.

Talk2users Media is a business Vertical of Talk2users Consultancy Private Limited. This vertical takes care of all media needs, be it print, electronic, Radio, Office branding, Out of Home media, Rural and Small Towns, Retail Branding, Signages, RWA branding, Hyper Market Branding and Promotions and all kind of roadshows and promotions.

And, your business can have all of them on Barter. Come, Try us out.