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Digital in Rural India

Marketing And Advertising Agency

Digital in Rural India

Building Virtual Bridges

At Talk2users Consultancy, we create a lethal combination of 2-decades of rural and small town India’s understanding and equally good number of years of data interpretation, with newly acquired knowledge of Digital.

And, we all know, it’s a combination not many can offer to India and to the World.

Marketing, Advertising and Brand Activation in digitally connected Rural India.

This should be an intriguing topic and should evoke conversations from the beginning itself.

Ideas on Advertising find their exact ground with Talk to Users, an agency network that creates opportunities for users to talk within and outside.

The Growth Story

1.3 billion Already and counting.

India is a country poised to grow solely because of its own consumption. Wow!!!

The world is watching with the eagerness to have a slice.

A country whose black economy is larger than world’s many economies put together.

How to crack this puzzle and have the fair share, that’s the assignment called “The Great Indian Assignment (GIA)”.

India as a country is subdivided into 7900 plus towns including big cities and metros. I am not sure how many know this. And how many of us can name even the top-60 cities.

Villages with 1000 plus households and 6 plus members are also staking their name to the claim. India has a total of 6,40,930 villages. Among them, they have almost 54-55% of the country.

And the best part, this part of the country is now connected through the omnipresent cool smart phone.

This huge market today is being gunned for by almost all businesses.

Digital and Analytics

With Aadhar (Unique Identification Number) linking almost all subsidies to itself, and mobility giving the omnipresent connectivity, gazillion data bytes are being generated.

We are sitting at dam loads of data today.

A few handful understand how to read and make this data work for them.

Usage of Data in acquisition of new customers in Rural India

When you know exactly how many farmers in India have bought how many bags of seeds for a particular crop, wouldn’t you know the exact profile of that buyer?

This information could be available to an agriculture produce marketing company who would be anxiously waiting for its subsidized cost to arrive at, post the transaction.

When you know the amount of bank deposits a rural branch has, wouldn’t you know its propensity to spend?

When you know how many senior secondary students are appearing for their next board exams, wouldn’t you know the potential to offer them undergraduate and postgraduate course?

When you know the average age of the kids in the family, wouldn’t it be easy to do a narrow cast and direct marketing initiative for them?

Talk2users Media is a business Vertical of Talk2users Consultancy Private Limited. This vertical takes care of all media needs, be it print, electronic, Radio, Office branding, Out of Home media, Rural and Small Towns, Retail Branding, Signages, RWA branding, Hyper Market Branding and Promotions and all kind of roadshows and promotions.