Marketing on Internet

Internet Marketing develops Interactive Web sites and promote digital entity. This also include graphics Designing, Promotions for Social Media, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, E-mail Marketing, Ad-words etc.

This also include Graphics Designing, Developing Promotions for Social Media, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, E-mail Marketing, Ad-words etc.

Search Engine Optimization & Management, Creation and Maintenance of Landing Pages, Pixel Generation and Google Analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization, Improving Click Through Rates, Getting the Site Indexed, Generating Organic and Inorganic Traffic are essential elements of internet marketing

Interactive Web-Sites

Web-sites are brands and services identity in social space. They are perhaps the 1st thing that will excite a prospective user. Having a website is necessary and having an interactive dynamic web-site a need of the hour.

Generating & Curating Content

For having an interactive and dynamic web-site, businesses need expert content creators. A picture is worth 1000 words and a short AV is worth Lacs of words. Interesting content entices the users.

Primary video and Still Compilations, Graphics Designing

Videos, Interesting creative visuals and Graphics augur for businesses well. They give an idea of the brand and its services.

Promotions on Social Media

For being relevant to large set of audience across geographies, or to sell to next door, we need to be live on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

We not just promote your brand and its hashtag and other contents, we make them trending and most happening.

If you are surprised how? We have no secrets. We just make the pitch highly engaging.

E-mail Marketing

We get so many business mailers in a day. We hardly glance through them. It’s only a rare few, relevant ones that catch our attention. Talk2users consultancy designs and ensures deliveries in the inboxes with a better open rates.

Adwords (Google “Pay Per Click”)

Google has a service “Pay Per Click” wherein, an expert administrator can actually create a focused campaign. This campaign could be around a vicinity of 5-10 Km, or city limits for local businesses and across the globe for international businesses.

We charge you a fee to get you best hit rate.

Search Engine Optimization & Management

What do you do when you are looking for something? The answer usually is “Google Search”.

Our Search Engine Management ensures that when that happens, your best face is visible and at enough places that the searcher doesn’t go anywhere else.

Our Team studies through Pixel Generation and application & Google Analytics

Other Services are:-

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategy
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Create a Business Page
  4. Pick a Vanity URL
  5. Update About section
  6. Optimize for Search Engines
  7. Facebook Marketing Strategy
  8. Content Creation
  9. Cover Photo Design
  10. Engaging Profile Photo Design
  11. Custom Tab Creation
  12. Daily Updates
  13. Facebook Fan Engagement
  14. Facebook Ads to Target by Region
  15. FB Ads to Increase Engagement*
  16. Facebook Ads to Increase Likes*
  17. Facebook Advertising Campaign (2 Ad Creation a Week)
  18. Twitter Marketing
  19. Twitter Page Setup
  20. Create a Business Name
  21. Optimize Twitter profile
  22. Create Custom Twitter Background
  23. Creative Engaging Tweets
  24. Schedule Tweets
  25. Engage with Followers
  26. Optimize Tweets with Keywords
  27. Build Targeted Followers
  28. Linkedin Marketing
  29. Create Company Page
  30. Optimize Company Page Design
  31. Post Company Status Updates
  32. Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads
  33. Create Products and Services
  34. Video Marketing
  35. Video Optimization
  36. Video Submission
  37. You tube Channel Creation
  38. You tube Channel Design
  39. Google+ Marketing
  40. Google+ Company Page Creation
  41. Google + Cover Design
  42. Google+ Updates
  43. Google+ Follower Seeding
  44. Image Sharing
  45. Pinterest Marketing
  46. Instagram Marketing
  47. Flickr Sharing