Growth Story

World Bank projections of India’s GDP growth in 2018-19 is at 7.3%.

It’s India’s 71st Year since its Independence from British dominion. Mr. Man Mohan Singh paved way for reforms in 1991 ending dependence on licenses and reduced many duties.

India’s Growth Story looks like this in 2018:

The driving forces of the country’s growth are its rising middle class, increased consumer spending and quick urbanization.

First among them is the trend toward urbanization. It is increasing consumption power massively and giving India an economic leverage.

The demographic changes that India is going through are undeniable.

Our Growth engine has several more cylinders courtesy the changes in the way the government is functioning, changes in technology and most important to this the changes in entrepreneur’s mindsets.

Opportunity exists all around us.

Whether it’s in terms of low penetration levels of financial services or low penetration levels of healthcare and other services—when we get our business model right, we can grow at 25 -30%.

There’s a huge underlying tailwind for all the right reasons.

But if We’re good, we can do two to three times of that.