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Job Market in India

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Job Market in India

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Job Market in India

Despite good intentions and attempts under skill India and ease of doing business, the jobs generated in last couple of years are not something that could be a subject of joy.

Another alarming trend to see is the jobs lost which is growing day by day.

The reasons being cited could be varying from – profiles becoming redundant to the organisation, to internal politics declaring them misfit, to the employee reluctance to learn new skills.

The market trend is there to stay for a while. So the best exercise that all the employees who are in middle management to senior management positions is to keep them relevant by adding new skills to their already swell profiles.

Digital, augmented reality, virtual reality, programmatic, block chain, analytics are the areas that are ripe and would not just be a good profile adds rather will deliver a full reorganization and a chance to grow faster from current levels.

These subjects are quick conversation starters as well.

Would you like to take the chance and get on to a new journey or you would want to stay put and get erased

The choice is completely yours

A Little Background

India’s job market is likely to see 15-20% growth in hiring next financial year (2018-19) on improving business outlook and industry confidence supported by GDP growth, according to estimates by recruitment firms

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