Marketing as a Service

Taking the Monkey off your back

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Now, no need to hire employees and offer them fixed salaries and wait for results to come your way. Try again and again till you hit a jackpot.

Talk2users Consultancy Private Limited offers you Marketing as a Service.

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The Business Scenario in India

  • Markets are rapidly changing
  • Customer demands are evolving every now and then
  • Marketing teams need a lean, agile and flexible outlook
  • Businesses are streamlining operations and reducing overheads
  • Marketing is witnessing a fundamental shift. Marketers have no choice but to be more technology enabled than ever before.
  • Successful Marketing Leaders realize that their in-house marketing expertise is limited
  • With increasing focus on digital media, localization, and personalization, marketing teams lack the required skill set or resources to comprehensively deal with every aspect of a campaign.
  • In-house marketing teams need to focus on their strategic goals and core business needs.

What is Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)?

Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) fills in the gaps for businesses looking for assistance in developing marketing strategies, campaign creation, and execution.

Marketing teams can benefit greatly from having external marketing resources. These resources can provide insight and perspective, dedicate time and the right skill set to enhance the execution.

MaaS is perhaps the closest equivalent of “On-Demand Marketing”.

The concept of MaaS involves creating a blueprint and framework for Marketing Campaigns and deploying these unique elements as building blocks for individual campaigns.

MaaS could turn out to be a game changer for smaller organizations by providing marketing resources and assets on demand, scale, and deep skill sets in execution.

Is MaaS a turnkey marketing solution for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ?

To extract optimal value, you need to think strategically about its application – where do you deploy it? How do you derive maximum value from it? How do you ensure adoption across all levels within your organization?

With marketing teams at smaller organizations being overworked and understaffed, one of the major pain points for an individual marketer or department is that their role is really Omni-channel and all encompassing.

With multiple channels requiring attention, including digital, events, broadcast and print, marketers or departments are forced to spread themselves too thin to manage all these tasks in-house.