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Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing And Advertising Agency

Defining Strategy

Stratagem means “War Games”

Strategy is a phrase used in Marketing for “Planning and Directing Operations while Selling a Product or a Service

“Talk to Users” guide you in fields of Product Planning, Market Identification, Pricing, Brand Planning, Communication Planning, Brand Promotion, Merchandising and Brand Activation and Deliver End to End results.

We are your Strategy Partners. “Talk2Users” work along with you in arriving at the most suiting Marketing Strategies for your businesses in both small terms, and in long term.

We don’t just leave your Marketing effort just at that. We go along and fold our sleeves to deliver the numbers that we promise as part of the Marketing Initiative.

Typical Marketing Strategy Development Process for Your Business

Steps to Marketing Strategy:-

  1. The process of A Marketing Strategy starts with Desktop Research. A research is done to find out the businesses which are doing well and are in the same space as that of prospective business.
  2. This is followed by defining the User Profile, Her Tastes, Preferences and Behavior while Consuming the Products and/ or Services.
  3. This profiling helps talk2users to identify the gaps wherein the prospective users are lost to Competition.
  4. Once, the gaps are identified and users preferences are known, Communication Platforms are arrived.
  5. Basis these identified Platforms, preferable Communication Propositions are discovered post picking up a few insights into the lives of Customers.
  6. Insights help us in developing Interesting Marketing Communications.

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