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Media Planning

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Media Planning

How to get maximum bang from your minimum bucks

Media Planning includes sourcing and selecting Optimal Media Platforms by determining the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.

It also includes study of Audience Reach through various media, media and ad vehicles required for ads placement, frequency and reach  within the budgets in each medium.

Media planning is the process of understanding and putting customer insights into use while buying spaces in Newspapers marketing, magazines marketing, radio marketing, TV marketing, digital Web sites marketing, social channels marketing, events, exhibitions marketing, out of home marketing, in-cinema marketing, product packaging, direct marketing etc.

At times, media planning throws interesting learning – Whether a product or service really need to advertise in TV channels where it builds an instant recall across masses or an event could work better.

Similarly how mobility and analytics could help the marketer plan the marketing spends better and optimize every rupees spent

What Frequency and what Reach should necessarily be planned for a campaign that aims to deliver a certain visibility and recall.

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