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Media mix modeling

It is all about understanding of various medium of advertising and communication, arriving at their judicious mix and modeling this mix on the go.

To the uninitiated, media stands for plural of medium. The contextual medium for communication as a list is –

    1. Print – newspapers, newsletters, magazines
    2. Radio
    3. Electronic – satellite TV, cinema,
    4. Out of home – hoarding, bus shelters, kiosk, Mall branding, wall writing, wall wrapping, buses, autos, trains, flights, bus stations. Train Stations, airports, Metro stations, multiplexes, shop facade, buildings, lifts, escalators, store fronts. Mobile vans etc
    5. Digital – Internet based – websites, social pages, online programs, newsletters, search engine optimization, search engine management, organizations reputation management, online public relations, online brand identity, Customer relationship management, online influencer Management, etc
    6. Public relations – content development, image management, perception management, reputation management, media management, corporate communications management.
    7. Brand engagement – experiential marketing – brand activations, product demonstrations, product sampling, promotions, markets development, distribution enhancements, market Acquisitions, small towns and rural reach programs, Stakeholders meetings, international travel, conferences, exhibitions, events. Awards ceremonies, roadshows, canopy activities.
    8. Business to business – direct marketing, direct mailers, one to one and one to many communications, business meets. Business exhibitions, business conferences, business events.

Mix stands for judicious selection of right choices maximizing brand awareness, brand recall and brand imagery building through planning reach and frequency.

Modeling – benchmark within the industry, benchmarking across industries, defining key performance indicators for the media mix and continuing to develop and execute monitoring for these media choices

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