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Marketing and Advertising

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Talk2users Consultancy Private Limited, Your Marketing And Advertising Consultancy is An aggregator of agencies network. It has come to life on 22nd December, 2017

Talk2users Consultancy as an idea was born on 5th October, 2017. Talk2Users Consultancy Private Limited is your own Marketing and Advertising Agency and it started breathing at-

A-1/146, Sector -55, Sushant Lok -II, Gurugram- 122003

To remind you, Talk2Users  is not just a company, It is a collective of existing companies.

Talk2Users Consultancy Private Limited advises are free of costs forever.

We also provide end to end executions of 360 degree Media approaches for your Marketing and Advertising needs, if post the advice, client desires so.

Please visit us on talk2users.com, talk2users.info and ashishb.info

Your presence is solicited any suiting day. Please grace the occasion with your presence.

To know more about how marketing mix works and can be made to work for your brand, you may write to us on info@talk2users.com

You can leave your details and we can reach you back as well suiting your convenience. To know more about us or about this aggregation of Marketing & Advertising Services offering 360 degree services, please write to us on info@talk2users.com.

You can also write to Ashish on ashish@talk2users.com or call on +917838 73 7356