Brand Activation for PayTM

In cities of Lucknow and Gorakhpur, PayTM wanted to reconnect with its Merchants and parallel to this, wanted to enhance footfalls on to their stores

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to design footfall acquisitions?

Customers don’t happen. You need to excite them. And How? Simple, Showcase to them Technology, Solve a problem for them. Give them an experience. You don’t sell, You make them live the brand, product or a service

Is it Costly ?

When you plan an experience, think of other media choices and weigh them. Can any other media really can excite the Target Groups? Can the experience be real? Can the prospective customer see the difference ? Can this medium demonstrate your strengths?

How can I get into execution?

You Don’t . You rather hire the people who understand three things i.e. Who will represent your Brand, Are they worthy? Do they know how to craft a Product Story?

India understands stories. You need to sell a story.

How do you plan this?

Think of the most enthralling brand experience, go and recreate that. Mesmerize  people .

give them an experience that they will never forget,

How can I deliver this ?

Invest in your representation. Equipment can fail, vehicles can fail, Weather conditions too.

One thing that’s invincible, should ideally be your free will.

With this will, you go and deliver

Is there any brand synergies?

Synergies come when brands walk the talk.

Brands are slowly understanding the need of synergies, be it with local staff and you will find it thrilling

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Respect Trade and Educate Customers
Facilitating entrepreneurship in women

Merchants remain with you as you are a good solution to them and their customers. No big rewards matter. Recognition is enough.