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Blogging from Rural India

Influencer marketing to digitally connected rural India

Yes, that is the topic. It is not a typographic error. India with 7933 towns and 6,40,930 villages in 640 districts and 5924 sub-districts has its own influencers. Many of these influencers are from today’s connected generation.

This generation consists of youngsters who are today’s opinion makers in these markets. This generation is also good at expressing what they like, why and what they don’t like and so on.

Honestly speaking, no brand today has even thought of creating influencers out of them, forget about seeking bloggers amongst them. Talk2users is your Marketing and Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR.


Shopper Marketing Digital

Rural markets have been tried by almost all the brands. The failures have been on to many levels.

The possible reason is obvious. These markets do not offer economies of scale and thus returns on investments.

  • What if Just in Time, Just on Time (JIT, JOT) could become reality for these markets as well?
  • What if the monthly consumption of a household and that of a village could be predicted basis the weekly/monthly sales of the small shop in a product movement study?
  • What if you know in advance what could be the incremental sales if you run a promotion in these markets?

Talk2users Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is committed to make your rural and small town foray sharper, and deliver to your businesses return on investment (ROI) led campaigns.
We start with defining the Target Group in a manner that we could target them:-

  • Their mobile habits, social media consumption habits and define their product consumption while we interact with them for the first time
  • With information keeps flowing in, the profile gets defined further

This certified data then could be used for future campaigns that may not necessarily have to have human interface to itself

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