How “TalkArt” will manage all this?

We will be managing Digital assets | Physical resources:-

1. Vernacular SMS, voice messages and IVR messaging

2. Seeking opt-ins from users across segments

3. Vernacular business Whatsapp messaging

4. Creating favorable intent by generating awareness towards products and services

5. Vernacular digital applications – microsites, webapps, mobisites, mobile applications

6. Reaching and giving Last mile connectivity through standardized yet vernacular spiels, delivered using technology and feet on streets talking user’s own language.

7. Developing a dedicated offline influencer network

8. Getting this offline network, online over time

9. Generating recommendation-based sales across the spectrum of services

10. Go local, go vocal and getting a local global connect for products and services in a two-way vernacular connectivity between buyers and sellers, across geographies.

Features and Benefits

Features of “TalkArt”

  • Deep rooted insights from the market
  • Creative understanding
  • Integrated marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Developing end to end communication
  • Standardization across cities, towns, blocks, districts, and states.
  • Strength and understanding of rural as a business

Benefits of “TalkArt”

  • Insightful, localized conversations that bonds instantly
  • Industry veterans at the helm
  • Unique approach that remains media agnostic

Key Differentiators

  • Highly skilled team
  • Strength of digital
  • Experience of telephony, Whatsapp business, E-mail marketing, google campaigns
  • Lowest cost modules
  • Industry expertise

Our Vision

To ensure a system that gives a quicker “break-even” and convert into a “profitable” business extension as new market for clients in ever reducing time frames.

To adapt to situations well by applying past learning, present interactions and remaining future ready for all clients, always.

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