How “TalkBharat” will manage all this?

We will be managing digital assets | physical resources:-

Collecting profiles of businesses as C&F, Wholesalers, Distributors, and stockists.

Auto evaluation of profiles on a pre-set criteria as fixed by the client organizations

Recommendation as a business presentation with SWOT analysis

Carrying out on-behalf paperwork, agreement, securities, guarantees etc.

Announcement of the appointment in suiting media

On-behalf promotion in the trade to generate push

On-behalf promotion among customers to generate pull

Product movement, feedbacks, and management of business

Business reports for month on month upgrade

Upskilling the team at the trade end, by continuous skill development programs

Developing and executing end to end media programs

Features and Benefits

Features of “TalkBharat”

  • Deep rooted insights from the Market
  • Strength of creating digital assets
  • Strength of developing end to end communication
  • Standardization across cities, towns, blocks, districts, and states.
  • Strength and understanding of retail as a business

Benefits of “TalkBharat”

  • Quickly mountable business model
  • Easy to unwind (post-handover to Company owned team)
  • Digital assets fully transferrable with complete guaranteed access to the client team
  • Assurance to manage selective needs as per the brief from client
  • Industry veterans at the helm

Key Differentiators

  • Highly skilled team
  • Strength of digital
  • Experience of telephony, Whatsapp business, E-mail marketing, google campaigns
  • Lowest cost modules
  • Industry expertise

Our Vision

To ensure a system that gives a quicker “break-even” and convert into a “profitable” business extension as new market for clients in ever reducing time frames.
To adapt to situations well by applying past learning, present interactions and remaining future ready for all clients, always.

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