Top Five Challenges of Social Media Marketing

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  • May 27, 2020
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Blogs, Forums, Photo-sharing platforms, Social Gaming, Microblogs, Chat apps, Business Networks and other social networks of engagement are part of Social Media. Marketers are using all known ways to connect using social media. This reach is measurable, has returns riding on them and are replicable.

The number of socially active worldwide users in 2021 will be approximately 3.02 billion, i.e. a third of Earth’s entire population. 750 million of these users are expected from China and One- third of a billion from India.

The five key challenges that the Industry is facing today are

1. Scarcity of Content :- Yes, you read it right. With so much content being churned every second, there is a great dearth of authentic content that remains exciting and interesting for the users. Content must be talking to the user.

Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign or looking to revamp your strategy, the lessons you’ll learn will be universal to all small business email marketing.

Not many organizations across the world yet are bothered about such a high quality of content that talks to users. Why a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds developed by a South Korean company PUBG Corporation has taken the fancy of youth today. Why the Prime Minster of the Country today has to address this as a huge parental concern?

It is simply because the content of the game is highly engaging, authentic and has excited the youth across countries.

2. Creative Rut :- A situation wherein, what we do once and it works, becomes our offering for time and again. It is like a juggler who doesn’t understand that novelty of the content is its freshness.

If the authentic content is re-packaged again and again, it loses its charm sooner than later.

For having fresh content every time, time after time, is a challenge that marketers have to address on an ongoing basis. This needs a process of churning out consistently fresh work.

3. Learning through Smart Listening :- All of us are well aware of the fact that constant monitoring of conversations, is a must.

  • This delivers fads, taste changes, love spots, hatred, and reasons to satiate the basic instincts of users.
  • The grey area is that most of the marketers have already done what all could have been done in this world.
  • All have been living legends. Nothing exists that they can’t predict and foretell.
  • The tools to deliver audience insights, continuous tracking, battery of analysts tend to overlook unique, smart and potentially viral ideas that are novel at the core.
  • Of course, Data Management, use of Quality audience insights will always work. The need is to capture nuances that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can never track.
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4. Organic Reach :- How many users have deleted their profiles, how many users have downloaded, interacted with, left it at that and why they have not yet deleted their profiles, when they hardly ever log into.

“The common reasons behind all this are :- “I am not finding the content relevant increasingly day by day”. A machine can tell what I liked once. It may be foretelling the possible reason behind the same as well. It can never tell what I will like most at any given moment of time.”

For this to happen to, all social media channels as well as social media services have to really understand, imbibe and refrain from throwing garbage on me, every time I logged into my social pages.

This means and includes content that is to my liking not getting suppressed, not being deprioritized, and even if it doesn’t get traction, yet remain available as it is important to me.

4. Return oriented and Cross Channel delivery :- This leads to the last not the least of the challenges i.e. having Omni-Channel content that delivers results.

This needs unique content suiting every channel’s own unique format and tone. One design can never fit all the channels. Had it been the case, the channel would not have been needed at the 1st place.

So, in the race up to 2020, Social Media Marketing must aim at social listening, deliver nuances and insights through smart, unique and talking -to-me content. And this content doesn’t get neglected even if its not gaining traction.
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Top Five Challenges of Social Media Marketing.

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